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At Bold Blue Campaigns, we believe that the greatest progress comes when we work effectively together. This is why a key component of our success -  working with state and local parties and national, regional and local social justice organizations - was built into our culture right from the start. We understand the financial, institutional, legal and organizational constraints of allies on the ground and we seek to partner with them to fill gaps and multiply effectiveness toward our shared goals and agenda.


Bold Blue Campaigns understands the strengths and limitations state and local parties experience. We work with you to find ways to address the logistical, support and even financial challenges you face, strengthen the party, deepen the Democratic bench and elevate opportunities for broad electoral success in every region of your state or district. We do this through collaborative effort, personalized relationship-oriented responsiveness and a flexibility that comes from the decades of political experience.

  • Candidate recruitment and vetting

  • Hyper-local research, polling and data gathering

  • Targeted local message, media and campaign strategy

  • Onsite, localized, data-backed candidate training

  • Online campaign staff and volunteer development and training

  • Seamless campaign support for candidates

  • Metrics and progress reporting with ongoing collaboration


Bold Blue Campaigns works with social justice and advocacy organizations to amplify your leverage when lobbying elected officials about the issues you care about. By working with local parties, fielding and training candidates, and providing strong ongoing support to candidates, we help strengthen and extend your push for progressive policy and help you deliver on your promise to your supporters by ensuring that strong, credible candidates are ready to challenge those who give little consideration to the important issues and constituencies you represent.


We can also help with local and statewide ballot initiative campaigns, providing many of the services and support you need to educate, raise awareness and get voters to the polls.

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