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Madison Paige


Chief Executive Officer

Madison Paige is the founder and CEO of Bold Blue Campaigns. She brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial, organizational and executive leadership experience in politics, activism and private industry. After serving in various volunteer and staff positions in multiple local and state Democratic campaigns and observing common challenges, she was inspired to design an new approach to help state and local candidates by providing expert-level services instead of cash, creating an economy of scale that allows Bold Blue Campaigns to help more candidates in meaningful ways.


Tony Panaccio


Chief Media Strategist

Vice President of Communications 

Tony Panaccio is a 35-year    media veteran with deep experience in public relations, advertising, marketing, film and television entertainment. His career has included winning Florida Press Club award for his coverage of the Ted Bundy case, handling branding and media relations for companies such as IBM, Sony, AOL, Warner Bros,  writing speeches for public figures such as Bill Gates, and serving as a publicist for comic book icon Stan Lee. Tony heads the Bold Blue Campaigns communications department and leads our team of client-side communications support staffers. 

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