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Our mission is simple: To help state and local Democratic candidates run strong, credible, competitive campaigns that return results and shift the balance of power in every state and district in America.

Founded in 2013, Bold Blue Campaigns is the nation's only grassroots supported political strategy and services firm that provides direct services and support to candidates no matter where they are. The contributions of thousands of Democratic supporters subsidizes the cost of making top-level, ongoing strategic support available to campaigns that need it most.


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Bold Blue Campaigns was created by campaign professionals. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to rolling up our sleeves and partnering with you and your staff and volunteers to do the kind of focused, consistent work that yields the most favorable results possible.



At Bold Blue Campaigns we are leading a movement for progress beginning from the bottom up! But our model cannot succeed without you! Partner with us today to help grow this movement. Stay active while you focused and informed. Together, we will make a real difference in your state and community

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At Bold Blue Campaigns, we believe that the greatest progress comes when we work effectively together. This is why a key component of our success -  working with state and local parties and national, regional and local social justice organizations - was built into our culture right from the start. 

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